modular electronic game prototype by Tuomo Tammenpää and Daniel Blackburn

Friday, February 24, 2006

TileToy in Tokyo

TileToy was presented yesterday in the Japan Media Arts Festival. Lot's of people, lot's of enthusiasm. We-likee-Japan-vedi-much. Big thanks for Yuko for all the help!

Friday, February 03, 2006

USB radio driver for OSX

The active-robots USB radio dongle was not listed in supported devices in FTDI driver package and I mailed the chip manufacturer FTDI just in case if it some day might be. Before I know it, FTDI support sent me a driver supporting the dongle! Holy helpdesk Batman, that's what I call support! Seriously, I expected some reaction by 2008 if few thousand people ask it.

The outcome: TileToy runs nicely now with the USB dongle without overpriced Keyspan and additional power. Me happy.