modular electronic game prototype by Tuomo Tammenpää and Daniel Blackburn

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

UK week, part 2

"Ground control to Tile_one, any changes in your side sensors? over"
"Tile-one to GC, now when you asked, there is indeed someone in my side_02, over"
"Roger that Tile_one, forwarding the survey, over"
"Ground control to Tile_two, post your side sensor read-out, over"
"Tile-two to GC, bogie on my side_04, over"
"Ground control to Tile-one it's Tile_two, display following data on the screen, over" (sound of serial burst) "
"Roger that GC, over"
"Ground control to Tile-two, it's just Tile_one, display following data on the screen, over" (sound of serial burst) "
"Ten-four GC, over"
"Ground control to all tiles, do da loop", over & out (damn the tiles are dumb)

Check out the clip below:

Monday, May 30, 2005

UK week, part 1

It's my turn for travelling with TileToy and now back in Huddersfield, UK for 10 days with soldering and coding madness. After few days of frustration and smoking gluegun and burning soldering iron our new, plastic-packaged reed switches are in place as shown above in the most dirty circuit board ever. However, it has started to show some signs of reliability. Dan's Java code is currently smoking the living daylights out of the poor little PBasic in terms of speed, so switching to pics is apparent. Sorry about that Stamp.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

17h uptime!

A modest 800% improvement for the previous 2h uptime with 4* AA batteries. I did not realize even it's quite clearly stated in the package that the 9v battery is ~160mAh and AA battery is up to 2000mAh! I was probably the last one to figure this out. Apparently the 9v battery is only ok for one remote control IR LED and giving nice shocks to your tongue. Where are the lighter-sized cold fusion fuel cells. Industry, please respond, it can't be that difficult. You are just protecting your oil shares.